New Art Guidelines

Our curators select the best artworks to be included in Artinbook. We'd like the best for artists and collectors to enjoy their experience with us. To ensure the highest of quality, guidelines have been set and are expected to be followed:

Artwork and Description Content Guideline

When uploading photos and writing text description for your artwork, make sure to avoid:

1) Copyright issue (you uploaded photos or wrote text that you do not own the copyright to or you did not create yourself)  
2) Insufficient permission (depicted people or owners of depicted property did not give you the permission to publish the artwork)  
3) Duplicates (you uploaded artworks you already uploaded to Artinbook)  
4) Offensive content (you wrote offensive text targetting specific individuals any race, group, or religion)

Photo Technical Guideline

To upload photos of good quality, make sure to avoid:

1) Unclear photo (blurry, unfocused)  
2) Cropped photo (not showing the full artwork)  
3) Low resolution (pixelated)  
4) Overexposed or underexposed (too dark or too bright)  
5) Orientation (photo is misaligned, sideways, upside down)  
6) Over-edited (extreme saturation, vignetting, contrast, etc)  
7) Digitally added graphic, watermarks or text overlays  
8) Digitally added borders or frame (if the artwork is framed, please include images of the real framed artwork)  
9) Unsupported formats (file formats accepted are jpg and png. Maximum file size limit is 10MB)