Shipping Information

For Buyers

Ordered items are shipped to delivery address provided. Estimated delivery cost and time are as follows:

Delivery cost are inclusive in the displayed price.
Within Peninsular Malaysia (1-4 working days)
East Malaysia (2-6 working days)

*For items above 10kg and/or international delivery, additional costs may apply to buyer.

For Sellers

Sellers are required to carefully protect and pack their artwork prior to the arranged pick up date.

Tips for Packing

1) It is critical to protect the painted face. An option is to wrap several layers of cling film over the painting. This will prevent friction damage if your painting moves around in the box.
2) Use cardboard corners to protect the corners of your artwork. This layer goes over the plastic wrap.
3) Next, several layers of bubble wrap should be used to provide padding. Remember to go over the vertical and horizontal sides.
4) Preparing the box: Use scrunched newspaper to line the bottom of the box. Put the artwork in the box and fill up the sides and top.
5) Close the box but don’t seal it yet. Test the packaging by moving the box. The painting should NOT shift. If you feel any movement, open the box and add more scrunched newspaper.
6) Seal the box with tape and mark with a “fragile” sticker.
7) Do not pack multiple artworks into a single box.