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Morning Glow
Morning Glow

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Morning Glow

Oil painting on Canvas, 51H x 51W x 3D cm


The inspiration derives from when i 1st went into the mountain to make a sketching, facing the breeze, listening to insects and birds chirping, relaxing and joyful. When I looked up and seemed to see a bird flying low, it swept through clusters of dazzling flowers, and I looked intently, it is the bird of paradise, also known as Heliconia. In the green mountains and forests, the bird of paradise looks so outstanding, which touched my idea of taking the bird of paradise as the theme of creation. The Beauty & Mesmerising shape and tone of the flower can bring joys into ones life.

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Cashierbook ID: ZBZ

Medium: Oil painting

Material: Canvas

Dimensions: 51H x 51W x 3D cm

Weight: 1.10 kg

Style: Oil Painting

Date Painted: 2019

Location: Malaysia, Selangor

By Artist

Yap Kim Boon

Selangor, Malaysia

Mixed Style Artist


2019 - Yap Kim Boon (Original Artist)

Artwork Details

Cashierbook ID

Oil painting


51H x 51W x 3D cm

1.10 kg

Oil Painting

Date Painted

Malaysia, Selangor

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