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Why ArtinBook™?

We value your Art

It is our mission to secure all Artistic value; to make Art a worthy investment which appreciates over time.

Prompt payments

Fast payments, low commissions. We pay you upon acceptance by the buyer. We always want the best for the community.

Share your page with the world

Art Collectors can easily access your page, and follow your Artistic journey. To buy your Artwork is just one click away.

Track your Art, even after sales

Art is timeless. Your name and your Art will be carried on for generations to come. Build your profile with art statistics.

We deliver your Art for you

Once a sale is made, we will deliver your order for you. All you have to do is prepare for our pick-up.

Feedbacks are appreciated

We're open to feedbacks from you. No comments are too small. We value your opinions.

Participate in art events

Opportunity to take part in Art Events to increase sales and gain recognition.

What does it look like?

Providing a space to promote, build and catalogue your full art inventory, current & sold art pieces data, and statistics.

Organise Inventory Archive Space

Unhackable Blockchain System

Built-in Data & Statistic Analytics

What you need to apply

As said, whether you're a newly emerging artist or veteran artist, we'd like to speak to you :)

Required Documents:

Artist portfolio

Clear photo of identification card (IC) or passport

SSM certificate pdf document
(if applicable)

Bank account number and bank holder name

For artists under 18 years old, clear photo of guardian's IC or passport is also required

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