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It's all about Art.

ArtinBook™ uses new technology to revolutionise the visual art industry.

We Value Art now and for the Future!

Track original artworks using new technology.

Never get lost through time again. Our platform uses patented blockchain technology to record art provenance.

Always buy art with confidence.

We ensure authenticity and convenience when buying original works. Art pieces come from the artist straight to your front door.

Value enhancement through statistics and records.

We reinforce artwork's value by recording all ownership changes whilst maintaining privacy and statistically keep track on the market value on each art piece. We create a reliable place for art trade.

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For Art Collectors

Collect Real Art

We welcome all collectors from new to experts. All we need is your love for Art.

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For Artists

Sell Real Art

Whether you are a newly emerging artist or veteran artist, we'd like to speak to you.

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How does it work?

Step 1

An artist applies to join ArtinBook providing necessary details and portfolio. ArtinBook processes the application.

Step 2

Approved artist submits original artworks to sell. Interested collector sends in request to buy.

Step 3

ArtinBook checks availability with artist. If available, collector makes full payment and waits for artwork to be shipped.

Step 4

Artist receives ArtinBook sticker and packing instructions by post to prepare artwork to be shipped. ArtinBook arranges delivery service to pick up artwork and deliver to collector.

Step 5

Once delivered, collector confirms acceptance by scanning the ArtinBook sticker. Artist will receive payment as soon as possible.

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Syafiq Ali'am, Malaysia

ArtinBook Advisor | International Curator | Art Director

ArtinBook Advisor
International Curator
Art Director

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